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A Hypnotic Journey Into Creativity 

Reserve Your Spot Below For A Hypnotic Journey Into Creativity

The Journey begins...

Hypnotic Journeys is my lovechild when it comes to my work as TRANCE-Formation Coach. Out of all the possible techniques, methods and ways of helping my clients to radically boost their creativity, Hypnotic Journeys is something that I find myself returning to time and time again. But it´s just not me who enjoys these journeys tremendously;


my clients seems to be always having not only lots of




while experiencing them, but also bringing much more creative resources, intuitive abilities and often times profound insights with them than they ever thought possible as they are returning from their inner landscapes back to the comfort of their chair/sofa/bed...

And that´s just the "regular" Hypnotic Journeys that I provide for my clients.


Imagine what would it be like to have that experience on "steroids", from the comfort of your home.

Well, that´s exactly what is going to happen when you join Hypnotic Journeys Into Creativity today. Not only you will get to experience Hypnotic Journeys for yourself but it will be especially beneficial for people working in creative industries. But you don´t have to be an actor, artist, painter. musician or anything like that to deeply benefit from the journeys...


...This is for EVERYONE who uses or want to have more creativity in their career or life in general.


After the journey your ability to bring stories into life, sing, dance, paint, compose...create art or just creatively express yourself has reached a radically new level + you may even have quite a bit of fun during the journey. And that is all I´m going to say since I would rather have you


 it and judge by yourself instead of trying to further convince you on something that I´m going to offer you for


...which, given the time and energy it takes, is probably rather foolish thing for me to do. But I trust that IF after giving it a go (again, for free) you find that the Hypnotic Journey Into Creativity wasn´t for you (which is rather unlikely) then perhaps you could give me some feedback on how to make it better (Of course, there is no obligation for anything like that).

And if you DO enjoy the journey, then maybe you could tell about it to your friend and invite him/her to enjoy the ride as well!

Either way, I warmly welcome you to



Reserve your seat below now and I see you on the CREATIVE SIDE!

Who Are We

“ Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”


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