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Radical Transformation: About

Who are you? No, really, who ARE...YOU? You may think you know...however, the chances are that you don´t know...
SHADOW does!

Deep Shadow Work Coaching is for you if you are:

1) That rare BRAVE soul who is willing and ready to lift the curtain, clear the smoke and remove the mirrors, and face even the deepest, scariest parts of yourself... hidden behind myriad of masks and buried beyond the proverbial cemetery of your  conscious perceptions .,.deep in the land of Shadow! AND

2) You fully aknowledge that while the efforts to bring the shadow into the light are anything but comfortable, THE REWARDS ARE GREATER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to reap them!  NOTE: This is NOT psychotherapy as I am not licensed psychologist and hence can not claim it to be such. This is COACHING on HOW to work on your Shadow, and me GUIDING you in the process, giving you a framework, a blueprint, and the steps to find, interact and integrate your shadow so that you



- This is INTENSIVE process and I have time to guide only few at any given time -

APPLY below to discover if you are a good candidate to be one of the very few to



Be completely honest in your application. The possible approval depends on totally different factor than you may think and trying to appear as something different than you are is only wasting time and possibly your money too. After you fill the application there is a DEPOSIT FEE of



which I will FULLY REFUND within 3 business days (your bank /payment processing unit may take it´s own processing time on top of that) in case  you DON`T  get  chosen for the

Deep Shadow Coaching Program. 


The initial deposit will cover the price of the first session. Sessions cost €100 EACH (after the first one, which is $75) and the MINIMUM NUMBER OF SESSIONS IS FIVE. After you get approved for the program I will email you a link to the page on this site where you can complete the payment for all five sessions (which is




after the initial deposit). The initial deposit of €75 is NOT refundable if  you ARE approved for the program but YOU decide not to proceed.  There is no refunds after the full payment either, but you may decide not to continue the program at any given time. If you want to, you can purchase any number of further sessions beyond the first five at any time in advance before those sessions, and every time you book five or more at once (beyond the initial five) you will get 20% discount for those extra sessions + highly valuable, exclusive bonuses that I offer ONLY for those who take the

Deep Shadow Coaching Program. 

Apply For Deep  Shadow Coaching Program
What is your experience level on working with the shadow?

Thanks for submitting!

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